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                                                                                                                                   Servel Corporation
Proudly Built In TheUSA!In Evansville, Indiana
from 1927 through 1956
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All This And Silence Too!
                                                                                             Servel Corporation


    Welcome to my little website for people interested in vintage gas refrigeration manufactured by the Servel Corporation of Evansville, Indiana!

    Servel (also called Electrolux-Servel), starting in 1927, and continuing through 1956, built millions of gas and kerosene powered refrigerators, gas water heaters, gas air conditioners, and electric refrigerators. This site focuses mainly on the gas and kerosene powered refrigerators.

    Over the next few weeks, I will be building this site. I plan to include historical information, a list of service and parts sources, as well as links to forums for the older Servel equipment. Please be patient, though - this is a labor of love, not for profit, so I'm doing it as I can. If you have a source for parts, service, or information for Servel's, please email me at the link below. Thanks!


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If you own a pre-1960 Servel refrigerator, the Federal Government's Consumer Product Safety Commission would like you to have your Servel destroyed.
Go HERE to read their reasoning for wanting you to do so.

Please Note: We Do NOT Endorse ANY Of The Advertisements That May Appear At The Bottom Of The Pages On This Site.